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Insight-Following Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, I started working on putting together a story that would document the struggle Staten Island and it;s residents would have to go though in order to recover from such a devastating storm.


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50 years of the WWE Championship

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The New York Jets rotating door at quarterback

Staten Island, NY–As of fan of the New York Jets since the early 1990’s, I have witnessed an ever rotating door at the quarterback position.

New York Jets quarterback's Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith

New York Jets quarterback’s Mark Sanchez and Geno Sy 1990’s, I have witnessed an ever rotating door at the quarterback position.

While the cross stadium rivals the New York Giants have had Eli Manning as their signal caller since 2004, the Jets have used eight different qb’s in the same amount of time.

Now that the 2013 NFL Draft is out of our way, the Jets can find themselves on their ninth in nine years, when they drafted West Virginia’s Geno Smith in the second round.

Smith brings something that current signal caller Mark Sanchez does not, a big time arm and the capability to be a franchise quarterback that Sanchez has claimed him self of being, but has not shown since his two trips to the AFC Championship game in his first two seasons.

Though it has not been said by any Jets officials that Smith will take over Sanchez’s role immediately , they have made it clear in several interviews that it will be an open competition. 

Gang Green’s mini camp starts on May 4th, 2013, which they will get to unwrap their shiny new toy for the first time since the draft, with OTA’S starting on May 22.

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Week 13.2: Blog Post -Tufte, “Visual Explanations”

While reading the article by Tufte named, “Visual Explanations.” I could not stop thinking about seeing before and after shots of Hurricane Sandy and it’s damage along the tri-states borders.statenisland-ny-beforeafter-edit

The before and after shot’s often become a great weapon for a digital journalist when trying to his or her article more interactive, often the consumer (reader) will get so drawn in by the photography that the picture will wind up telling most of your story for you.

In modern day journalism, the content provider can also pinpoint the location for the consumer by applying a digital map to his work, to give the reader a better perspective on where a certain location had taken place, in relations to landmarks such as schools, beaches or memorials.

Midland Beach  Staten Island  NY   Google Maps

Visual and Audio media can also play a major role in the evolution of modern digital reporting, as keeping a consumers attention as become allot harder over the last few years, due to the demand for more up to the second news. Both give the consumer a chance to get a more personal feel into the story by hearing and seeing what actions the words are describing.

Another type of Visual that gives the consumer a better understanding is using graphs like the one below. Not only does it draw the readers eye, but it is informal. But to much graphics can distract from the overal point especially if the info-graph is misleading.


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Revis camp takes one last shot at Jets

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Who is George Sorensen?

Who is George Sorensen?.

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A Storm is Brewing, Hurricane Sandy Recovery

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