Curating Project Pitch February 2012

urlThere might be snow on New York streets in mid-February, but local teams are donned in shorts and tee’s getting back into the swing of baseball.

Both the Mets and Yankees have started the pitchers and catchers portion of Spring Training, in Florida.

I intend on covering the Amazin’s and the Bombers, as they prep for another long baseball season in the big apple.

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3 Responses to Curating Project Pitch February 2012

  1. jeremy P. says:

    One more gratuitous sports comment, blog, reference or obligatory pseudo-spectacle and I will throw up the fashionably priced Top Ramen soup I consumed earlier today. If you’r going to beat a dead horse at least use an angle that isn’t used up like a middle aged porn star. Try and instead to incorporate the tension of Mets vs Yankees, whether it be fans, owners, star position players or star pitchers, or stadiums. Which stadium is better — via fan/architectural/food/parking/neighborhood etc perspective. That I’d read. What you have as is, is terribly vague and boring. I know your knowledgeable on the subject so why not use that knowledge and give people something exceptional and not mediocre.

    I have faith you can handle it. Good luck!

  2. Amber says:

    I’m echoing Jeremy’s comment here about choosing an angle for your story. Also, consider how you will combine your own reporting with the social media content. How can the one compliment the other?

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