Tim Tebow traded to New York Jets

Tim Tebow, Tebowing

New York will now be “Tebowing,” as the Jets have acquired former first-round pick Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos for a forth and a sixth round selection in this years upcoming NFL Draft.

Gang Green has agreed on a deal to bring the popular, fleet-footed quarterback to New York, according to FoxSports.com.

Tebow for the moment will serve as Mark Sanchez’s back-up, working out of the wild-cat formation and possibly lining up as a slot wide receiver/ tight end.

After a disappointing 1-4 start under QB Kyle Orton, Denver turned to Tebow, who led the team to seven more regular season wins, including a AFC Western division crown and a wild card playoff victory versus the Pittsburgh Steelers, before losing to the AFC champion New England Patriots in the AFC Divisional Round.

Tebow finished the season with 12 throwing touchdowns, 6 interceptions and 1,729 yards through the air, along with 660 yards on the ground and six rushing touchdowns.

Ryan and Sparano will instill packages to run with Tebow as the QB, but Sanchez will remain the team’s starter. As Sanchez did throw for 3,500 yards passing last season and 26 touchdowns.

Tebow adds value wherever he is on the Jets depth chart because of his inspirational attitude and willingness to be a leader.

On a Jets team that came apart late last season, Tebow could be the force that not only brings the team together, but would also play as the one who rids the team of its bad seeds.

Sanchez might be a Tebow fan as well, at least according to an interview Sanchez did on a West Coast radio show.

“I think Tim will do great no matter what happens,” Sanchez said on the Petros and Money Show on Tuesday.

This happened, of course, before Sanchez knew he’d be teammates with Tebow. The hosts didn’t press Sanchez about Tebow possibly joining the Jets, but the USC grad doesn’t sound ready to learn a new offense as a “Wildcat” option.

“I don’t know if I’m very good splitting out like that,” Sanchez said, laughing. “I don’t like coming off the field.”

Tebow’s salaries for the next three seasons would come on the cheap end, costing no more than the average NFL backup quarterback: $1.94 million in 2012, $2.26 million in 2013 and $2.59 million in 2014.

Feel this is the right move for the Jets? Sound off in the comment section below.

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