Study shows Staten Island has animal magnetism

Pet friendly Island

If your average pup or kitten could talk, chances are they’d tell you — paws down — there is no better place to live in the city than Staten Island.

And there’s data to support our four-legged friends.

New York City is home to 1.1 million cats and dogs, according to research by the city Economic Development Corporation — which deemed the Island the most pet-friendly borough in the Big Apple.

The study found there are between 30,001 and 41,627 domesticated animals each in the Mid-Island and the South Shore communities, while the North Shore has between 25,001 and 30,000.

It’s not all that surprising when you think about it.

The Island is known as the borough of parks.

In a city notorious for its cramped quarters, the Island offers more space — and more families — who put a lot of time, money and love into their Fidos and felines.

“Having a backyard helps tremendously,” said Brian Favor of Bulls Head. “If I lived in any other borough, I would have to worry about my dog, Brooklyn and my 18-year-old cat, Lucky, being hit by passing traffic.”

Kaitlin Whelehan, who lived in Bay Ridge before coming to the Island, agreed.

“It’s much easier [here] because there are so many parks and pet-friendly places,” she said. “People don’t run from the dogs, they come up and pet them and people are just nicer here about pets.

“A lot of people have dogs in my neighborhood and we all know each other’s names and we swap food, treats…It’s just generally uplifting for me,” said Ms. Whelehan, who is the proud owner of two dogs, Coco, a Shih Tzu, and Brandy, an adopted puppy — part Border Collie mixed with Rottweiler. She also has two cats, Smokey and Sabrina.

According to BusinessInsider, the EDC took census data on pet ownership demographic factors such as income, household size, and race, and applied it to the city’s neighborhoods.

With smaller living quarters and many building owners forbidding pets, the study shows pet ownership in the city below the national average. It estimates one in three New York City households, approximately 30 percent, include a pet compared to the national average of 60 percent.

The study also showed there are far more four-legged creatures living on the family-friendly Upper East and Upper West sides than there are in the Bronx.

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