Staten Island taxpayers: The IRS wants to help

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — With time running out and an April 17 deadline to file taxes, thousands on Staten Islanders are scrambling trying to get every last penny back on their return.

The IRS wants to help.


To ease the pain of the last-minute craziness, the Internal Revenue Service has offered a helping hand to taxpayers, by creating YouTube videos that address common concerns.

The YouTube channels offer information on a variety of the most-commonly asked taxpayer questions at this time of year.

The main IRS YouTube channel is home to hundreds of videos on subjects ranging from how to choose a tax preparer to how to e-file your taxes for free.

With more than 3 million views worldwide, the IRS YouTube channel in English is the fourth most viewed U.S. government YouTube channel, since its debut in August 2009.

For advice visit the Internal Revenue Service Tax Tips YouTube Channel which offers over 50 videos answering the most simple of tax questions to the more difficult.

The IRS also offers small business tax advice.

Not looking to spend while preparing your taxes on your own? The IRS gives advice on how you cando your taxes for free

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