New York Jets All Pro Nick Mangold ready to go after attending London Olympics

Staten Island N.Y.–No bond is closer than the one that is between a person and their siblings.

So imagine how New York Jets all pro center Nick Mangold felt when he was able to attend this years Olympics in London to watch his sister Holley compete in the in the super-heavyweight division in weight lifting.

Even though the female Mangold placed tenth, Brother Nick was proud none the less.

 London was great,” said Nick Mangold. “Holley did great, battled through injury, and finished tenth in the world, (I) can’t argue with that. I’m very proud of her.”

It took allot to get Mangold to Londonas he did not want to let his teammates down heading into the beginning of Jets training camp in CortlandNew York.

“Rex Ryan has always been pushing (me).  There was never a desire not to go. I wanted to go, but I didn’t want to leave my teammates (behind),” Mangold said. “I’ve been talking to the guys and getting their blessings. That, with Rex and the desire to go, mixed all (of) those together.”

Holley hoisted 105 kilograms (231 pounds) in the snatch, but hurt her hand in the process.

She described to reporters how the injury occurred (via “About two days before I left forLondon, I tore a tendon in my hand catching the clean wrong, and I think I restore it again today.”

Mangold received the blessing of his fellow teammates prior to hopping on a plane.

“Yeah, Rex can tell me it’s okay to go, but if all 90 guys are staring at me with disgust, that’s not a good thing. I wanted to clarify with them first.”

Many worried that traveling would affect Mangold’s physical state once he returned to action Tuesday, but Gang Green’s center appears to be in tip top shape and ready to go.

“I’m feeling pretty good. I got back a little later than I wanted to. I was hoping to be back here Tuesday but to do that, it wouldn’t have been a smart idea to drive back from Newark(New Jersey),” said Mangold. “So I tried to play it safe. But for 16 hours on a plane and eight hours driving I’m feeling pretty good.”

It was fantastic, it was a great experience. (I’m) very proud of her, she fought through injuries. She finished tenth in the world, (you) can’t be mad at that. Now it’s good to be back banging around a little bit.”

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