Minor league football on Staten Island? Sports web site suggests idea

It was June 20, 1999 when Staten Island first welcomed its minor league baseball team, as the Staten Island Yankees debuted at the College of Staten Island versus the Hudson Valley Renegades.

jetsGiantsAP.JPGSince that game,  the “Baby Bombers” have won six NY Penn League championships and a state of the art  stadium in Richmond County Bank Ballpark at St. George.

But football?

Sports website Bleacher Reportrecently suggested the NFL establish a minor league system to develop players — and pitched our borough as a possible location for a team.

Here’s their logic:

The New York teams pull a page from the Yankees playbook by just taking a team and throwing them in nearby Staten Island. When your minor-league players are in the same city as your pro team, you have a good competitive advantage. The Jets and Giants already share a stadium; might as well share a minor-league franchise.

The blog pointed to Staten Island’s population and nearby New York City as a reason why a team here could be successful.

There are currently no plans for an NFL developmental league.

Since NFL Europe ceased to exist in 2007,  football players on the cusp of making it to the bright lights of the NFL have had to travel north to Canada or play for pennies  on the dime in empty arenas with 50-yard fields.
Minor league football, if it ever did come to fruition, could be a perfect stop gap on Staten Island during the late fall when the Staten Island Yankees are not in play.

Obviously this is nothing more than a suggestion in a sports blog.

But it is an interesting one, both for the NFL an our borough.

If Staten Island were to obtain a Minor League football team, where would you want them to play, and better yet, what would you like them to be named.

Here are some suggestions:

Staten Island Narrows (Named after the bridge)

Staten Island Express (In honor of our wonderful expressway)

Staten Island Outsiders (In homage to how we are looked upon from other boroughs)

Staten Island Tebow’s ( Why not?)

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