While students register for their spring semester classes, the faculty at CSI is busy defending the integrity of the academic curriculum. In recent months CUNY has been working on a plan to drop the general education requirement from sixty credits to thirty credits, in a proposal called the Pathways.
“The time table given to us to fully review Pathways compares to trying to shove a size sixteen lady into a size ten dress,” said Professor Sandy Cooper. “In short the CSI campus rejects the Pathways Project in its entirety.”
During a Town Hall meeting conducted by the Faculty on November 10th, The Pathways project took center stage, of 43 eligible voters 35 approved to go forward and create a resolution that would be forwarded to President Morales, who just happened to be on hand for the meeting.
The goal besides drafting up a Resolution was to alert the staff and make sure they fully understand Pathways,” said Professor Francisco Soto. “We set up an E-Mail account, drafted statements, and tried to be as fair and objective as possible.”
The resolutions from every Campus on CUNY were due on the 15th of November to CUNY headquarters inManhattan. The Task Force’s report with recommendations will be forwarded to Chancellor Goldstein on December 1st, with an announcement of the end result follow shortly after.
The ongoing trend throughout the meeting was The CSI board of directors, including President Morales, objecting to most of the resolutions and recommendations made by the Faculty, to the point that a shouting match ensued, when on of CSI’s Deans stood up and demanded that he not be pushed around by the Faculty as a whole. 
After things calmed down, an interesting question came from the back of the room. “What is General Education,” The staff member said. “Will our students take in the entire college experience while enrolled here, or is this just a College that just prints out degrees for those who pay the bill?”
Some in attendance felt that CUNY’s Pathways proposals pace was too fast, given the staff at CSI only a short amount of time to revamp their whole curriculum from scratch, without fully sorting things out properly.
“The new curriculum would be watered down, eliminating several foundation courses, including some arts, sciences and history courses,” said in a letter to the Staff but the Board of trustees. “It would be a robbery to our students to not expose them to all that we offer here at CSI.”
Those going for their Bachelor’s degree will be required to fulfill the General education requirements, plus an additional 12 credits, the minimum of 60 credits is still required for an Associates and 120 credits is still needed to graduate with a bachelor’s. Those who require more information can go to the CUNY website, under Pathways Proposal.
“The Pathway Project is not educationally sound,” was the common response from several staff members. “We must do right by the student body and the College of Staten Island.”

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